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n silence, but Jane has mentioned that his legs were like jelly. We arrived at the bar 15 minutes early, but regardless, we went to an almost empty room and sat in a corner of the window overlooking the parking lot. I am ordered drinks, but not drink, but the pint of beer were a delight. Jane did not take long to finish with rum and Coca -Cola. porntv whot even have a few drinks. During the next half hour a couple of cars entered the park and the city began a contact with several couples sitting at tables with a few singles at the bar to revive points. In the August 20 Gary walked through the door and walked to the counter. Together they have said "That's it. " He looked around and saw us. porntv A big smile appeared on his face and waved at him. He came to us and shook my hand and gave her a kiss on each cheek and Jane were met. He offered to buy drinks, but we went, but went to the bar and returned with a bottle and three glasses of wine. we sat around an hour to talk about anything not to mention the activities of the night. I note that Gary had two glasses of wine and was Jane Downing. rest of the bottle was bigger with my pint then, suddenly, he turned to Gary and Jane said. ! '. I know in my e- mail compatible ' Jane nodded, and all I could say was, " Mmmm. " Hand Jane asked him to show his keys. I was speechless when Jane looked around to see if looking for someone and then lifted the hem of her skirt and showed him his shirt and socks league. "And the other side," he demanded. Jane took her skirt and showed the two legs. Then he ran his hand right above the average covers. I heard Jane and take a deep breath, as he said. "You're a good girl, Jane, now tell me your pussy shaving, said Jane? '. " " Yes" and then Gary said : "Tell me, porntv Jane, you're wet down there? " She saw it, but all I could say: "Mmm," was. He continued : "?. Are your panties wet " " Yes, we are," said Gary said then. "I want you to go to the bathroom and removed her bra and panties " like me. him and then to Jane. Jane saw it too. "Now, Jane,. Jane got up and slowly walked toward the ladies room. I was surprised, but sexually charged me, since I've never been before. The two saw a Jane disappeared. Gary turned to me and said, "How Phil, Is everything okay with you, I'm on top I go? " I nodded and said, " No, everything is fine " and then said : " we " There were 10 minutes and then we'll move. " a few minutes later, Jane came through the room. I could porntv see the line of her breasts and erect nipples jiggling challenging could see through her ​​white blouse. I could not take my eyes it. she sat between us. Gary said: "Let's see the porntv panties and bra " Jane opened her purse and both Gary and I looked inside, a black bra and panties and then see Gary French said.. "How do you feel now Jane, without a bra or pants? . Jane took a deep breath and said, ' You feel a little slow. "Gary does, " Yes, I left Jane, but it is cool and wet, right? "She nodded:" Yes, it works. " Gary said then that it was time to go. When we left the bar I feel as if all eyes were on Janes tits. My cock was rock hard. Gary told me tohim in his car. A a few miles down the road that became Frensham pond and opened the way to the parking lot. It was dark and the woods made ​​a perfect backdrop for retirement. I parked next to Gary. He came to us and told me to go into the back seat. Then he got into the front seat. Then he told Jane to his house and then put down and started to kiss her on the face and mouth. I've seen in fascination as Jane said. This went on for several minutes before some good undo the buttons of her porntv blouse Jane began. Jane began to unbutton his shirt buttons Gary. My heart was pounding porntv when porntv I saw then undress each other. Jane opened her blouse exposing her breasts. Gary then told me to Jane 's breasts in each hand. Jane complained to touch her ​​nipples stiff. Gary then leaned over and licked the end. Jane squirmed and moaned says Gary then suck harder. Gary was licking and sucking nipples, and again and again, which are handledone with teeth and pull it. Jane loved, I loved watching him play with tits Jane. Then I saw Jane Gary rubbed the front of the pants, as they all forgot about me.
Quotes The bound, and opened his belt and opened as Jane put her hand in his pants. Gary complained, but Jane gasped as his cock was hard. His breathing was fast and furious, as was the pants. Finally she came out of his cock up and down on him, as she kissed him. It was a small man as the head of his penis disappeared from time to time under a thick skin. Gary and lower the driver's seat, and had to pass between the two. Gary pants and trousers up to her thighs and I could see the entire length and bag ball that bounces up and down, as Jane plays with her new toy, do not hesitate to kiss his chest, over his stomach and took the club head in the mouth. I could not see the details, porntv but I could hear the slurping Jane as head porntv of bobBed up and down and back and forth. Gary was with closed eyes and pushed his hips up and down. This went on for about ten minutes when Gary got porntv up and sat porntv with her hair all over the place. He then announced, "It's time for a walk. " Jane sat there watching in amazement. He put on his pants and pulled out of the car. He opened the door and told Jane to leave. As I watched the Gary and said. "Phil is waiting 10 porntv minutes - I'll deal with Jane Jane Gary took her hand and her shirt is still open, and took to the woods in front of the car Me. Sat in the back of the porntv car in amazement at what Gary became dark. suddenly I realized what happened when I was sitting there alone in the dark. Jane later told me what had happened when he left the car. were in the woods and told him that Gary remove her blouse. she said it was a little reluctant, but Gary assured him that it was the store. she left her blouse at the foot of the tree and Garygan to kiss and caress again when porntv he was sucking the nipples goo d. He stopped porntv and led through the woods and open fields near the lake. He lay on the sand and kissed and hugged, but this time did not stop. Jane said that her breasts and nipples got more attention and found Gary 's hand until your thighs and between her porntv legs. He said that so far, all I wanted to hurt his whore Gary Hahn for him, and willingly open, while his fingers played with her ​​swollen lips are. She went on to say that it is to the east, so you can find. He also said he did not care until then. He pulled down his pants and sucked and licked until he took off his lap and he was there to lick it. She said that Gary pulled his lips and find the magic button, and turned. Then came between her legs and ass long and hard. She said she lost count of her orgasms, but porntv he took on a number of different positions. running SAIdentification, Gary was great, but it was so wet that I had no problem with the inning. She said that when Gary took her from behind, she thinks a man and a woman who saw in the distance, but she did not care. She said Gary lay missionary and fucked until she came in and then finished off by them with sperm. He stayed there for a while and then gave way to statements of the car. She never said a word as Gary said in his arms until she lifted her blouse, and she went back into the car. I saw out of the woods, and my heart beat again. I was relieved, went back, but let me cock. Jane Gary leaned in the passenger seat and he told me to look after Jane. I was not sure what happened and I was a little worried, so I asked Jane if she was okay. She said something like, "It was fantastic. " Jane Gary and I kissed his hand and told us that he will stay porntv in touch with him, I jumped in the car and left. I curled orJane pa and we kissed and hugged and told me all about his adventure porntv by the sea. Needless to say I was like a dog in heat, so when I felt like Jane was wet. She told me that Gary had left a deposit and was opened by Gary Hahn and was used well until they cum. Then arose between Jane 's legs and got into his hole and screwed. He was so swollen and wet only got a couple of thrust. We stayed there for a while before making our way home. keep in touch with Gary and expected a further meeting with him at some point, but right now we are still reliving our first meeting is. If that disappears then challenging some groups of three more.


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I do not normally write stories on websites, but wanted to share our experiences as they contacted a man breaking here on SH. Bit of a long story, but please bear with me as it goes on a tangent into parts. Above all, Jane and I ( Phil, 45 and 49) are a normal couple, but we have our quirks, like most of you reading this, I want to see where Jane is taken by a stranger - Why ? I do not know, but I'm sure some of you have a theory as to why we want the kids to see this. In any case, Jane is with me for years in this case, without a situation that has gone. My next turn to have to be, Jane dress with stockings, garters and thong underwear or French, but this is doubly interesting when you go with friends for a drink or a meal. I feel at home and dream about what could or will happen to her. Maybe your braces are removed and screw in the back of a car by a man with a big dick. Never hwhat is happening, but Jane gets heavy for me when I ask them met, seen or felt the night and I have to admit, as we do in the end result with some good sex. That's not all one sided - Jane admits that she wants her nipples licked by two mouths, which porntv always ends with his desire, our new friend, a couple of fingers in their drive, but progress in their desire to complete duration feel buried in it - the way it works in both directions. But I digress a little, but the reason will come much later. Over time, Jane has left has a little more liberal, or is perhaps more valuable as opening a tap different and feel the difference and all the other bits that go with it talks. To this end, we decided to find a suitable candidate and to our delight, we found SH. We subscribe to SH, though we think a little expensive, but we believe the only serious minded people would pay the high price of the subscription, butAgain he did pay. We had to give up a lot of fun and fellowship and viewing responses. We have a short list ( eventually seven) and was one which can only satisfy our needs. We thought it was low profile, with a minimum return on the initial search in the breasts and nipples as the only items on offer would be. We chose Gary and soon we were exchanging e- mails almost every night. Gary is a normal boy husband of 36 years and of normal height, but had a sense of our situation and told us that guides us in our session coming to light, or to take us - often uses the concepts of freedom and Sub . Over time we have very good porntv pictures came and went, so I always knew what was between them. I knew that Jane was pleased with our choice, because they also believe he sent a few pictures of her in her underwear, which is a self first. I also told him that night Jane in which he is not a return on it, as heYou always have to dress their brides. Finally it was time to make a date, which was about three weeks after first contact and had decided that Gary would have to take the initiative. He sent us an e- mail with strict instructions that we are in a pub near porntv to Farnham, Surrey and Jane are in white stockings, garters and French lingerie. She would wear a white nylon blouse and a skirt of red with a black belt. There porntv was a provision that Jane emphasized sexual contact of any kind for three days before and clean shaved one day before our meeting, however, and this, I was not with her to help in this task must in any way. Needless to say, this is very difficult to achieve because both Jane and I were excited at the prospect of meeting Gary for the first time and the idea of ​​what it charges for us to camp. Gone are the days it was Jane, when she was appointed, sex, no, no touching and no kissing, but said he retired into account masturbation after you finish shaving. She even said that he had changed his pants twice a day because I was always very excited and her nipples were constantly swollen and painful. I had the other side masturbates twice a day for a week with her ​​bare ass fingers that Jane and Gary, who works in a frenzy. The day came and dared not say a word, porntv showered and dressed in almost total silence. Jane left the room in white blouse and a skirt flowing red with black belt. It looked beautiful with her hair tied back and dressed up to do. We drove i